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Summer festivals where I teach

Sewanee Summer Music Festival (ages 14 - 30)

Fredonia String Camp (ages 12 - 18)


Cello strings, music and equipment:

Concord Musical Supplies

Yesterday's Service


For beginning cellists' bow needs:

Etude books I like

Cossmann, Studies for Developing Agility

Sevcik, 40 Variations (transcr. for cello)

Feuilliard, Daily Exercises

Benoy and Sutton, An Introduction to Thumb Position

Popper, High School of Cello Playing, op. 73, Preparatory Studies, op. 76

Piatti, Caprices

Franchomme, Caprices


Stretches for cellists:

Doorway Pectoral Stretch


  1. Stand in an open doorway. Raise each arm up to the side, bent at 90-degree angles with palms forward. Rest your palms on the door frame.

  2. Slowly step forward with one foot. Feel the stretch in your shoulders and chest. Stand upright and don’t lean forward.

  3. Hold for 30 seconds. Step back and relax.

  4. Repeat 3 times


Pectoral Stretch

1. Link hands together behind back

2. Extend outwards away from back

3. Keeping back long, descend torso and hang over toes, with linked arms long overhead (breathe!)


Arm Rolls - one at a time, extend arm in front and slowly roll up and back in a circle

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